Month: December 2017

Merry Christmas from Year 2


It was fun.

At last our bulbs are ready!

Sketching our hyacinth bulb experiments. Now they are ready to go home for Christmas!!

20171214-24928 pm.jpg

20171214-24939 pm.jpg

20171214-24952 pm.jpg

20171214-25003 pm.jpg

20171214-25029 pm.jpg

20171214-25047 pm.jpg

20171214-30756 pm.jpg

20171214-30834 pm.jpg

20171214-30851 pm.jpg

20171214-30912 pm.jpg


Noah has brought in a photo of how his plant is doing at home…

20180123-90331 am.jpg

Wow! Your new name is Mr Greenfingers, Noah!

We had a fun (silly) lesson on how to post onto the blog

Take a look at the crazy posts below!!!  (Unicorn blog????  What does that even mean?)

The idea was just to show the children how to use the Blog app on the iPad in order to see how easy it is to add a post.  Next we shall look at posting an example of what we are doing in class…

# blogging dancing cats


blogging day

We are learning to blog



We are learning how to blog


We are bloging to day


Unicorn blog🦄

We love unicorn bloging


#cool blogs😜

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