Month: June 2018

Australian Art

World Cup update.

We are all still very excited about the World Cup and update our wall chart every day.

20180622-100748 am.jpg

20180622-100757 am.jpg

Memories of Australia

Photographs from his Mum and Dads trip to Australia.

20180622-100027 am.jpg

Archie and his didgeridoo.

We were treated to a musical extravaganza today in Year 2 today.

This weeks Mathlete and Super Spellers. Well done πŸ˜€

20180619-33556 pm.jpg

20180619-33616 pm.jpg

Summer 🌺🌸🌼🌻

20180614-102152 am.jpg
Everyone in class enjoyed creating the summer board outside the classroom.

We have seedlings!

Our marigold plants have started to grow.

We are very excited especially as our science experiment is coming to life.

20180614-101503 am.jpg

All our seeds have started to grow.

20180614-101656 am.jpg

This pot has seeds, soil and sunlight but no water. – and no seedlings!

20180614-101729 am.jpg

This one has seeds, water, sunlight but no soil – and again no growth.

20180614-101830 am.jpg

This pot has seeds, soil, water but no sunlight – we have seedlings but they look weak and are yellow instead of green.

20180614-102040 am.jpg

This pot has been kept in the fridge it has seeds, water but no heat or light.

World Cup Fever!!!

We are celebrating the World Cup starting with a sweepstake. Everyone has a team and there is a prize for the winner.

20180614-100942 am.jpg

My Marigold Plant

20180606-21414 pm.jpg

20180606-21432 pm.jpg

20180606-21443 pm.jpg

20180606-21502 pm.jpg

20180606-21616 pm.jpg

20180606-21712 pm.jpg

20180606-21835 pm.jpg

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