#SID we are making emojis.🤓😇❤️💕😎

To celebrate Safer Internet Day (#SID2018) we found out about the things on the internaet that can upset us or make us unsafe and the ways we can stay happy and safe online.

To remind us of this, Mr Swallow challenged us to design either a happy or a sad emoji!  He taught us how to use oil pastels to make our emojis look 3D and shiny like they do on the internet or mobile phone.

See if you can tell if these emojis are happy ones (because they remind us how to stay safe) or sad (because they remind us of the dangers)

Report writing

Year 2 are going to create an amazing report all about the life of Arctic explorer, Ernest Shackleton.  To do a really good job of their report, we brain-stormed together what skills I need to teach them:



They identified that they would need to improve their knowledge about who he was and what he did.  They also spotted that we need to know what features a report needs; how it should look and what type of writing we need to do.  We want to add a portrait of Shackleton to our report so we want to brush up on our portrait drawing skills too.

We have already started our research and our knowledge about Shackleton has got pretty good. So, today it was time to design a writing frame (so our report actually looks like a report).


We looked at a report layout that Mr Swallow had made so we could identify what steps we needed to take to turn our blank document into a professional looking writing frame.


Once we had identified WHAT we needed to do we had to plan the order of WHEN to do each skill (we didn’t want to add our writing and pictures first and then change the size of the paper and mess it all up!!!)


With our plan in place, it was time for Mr Swallow to teach us the skills we needed to learn. We had to:

Make the paper size go from A4 to a3.

Rotate the paper from portrait to landscape.

Add columns.

Add a background texture.

Add text and edit font, size &colour.

Format text background.

Insert pictures…wow!  We are going to be Microsoft Word ninjas!!!


Stay tuned to see the end results…